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Chapter Thirty-Four of Keeping Score In America: The Pause Between Symphonies

By Michael Moriarty
web posted February 17, 2014

The first movement of my First Symphony is up!

And the second movement should be available by the time this article appears. (editor's note: here you go)

Yes, all three of the movements for my First Symphony are completed and will hopefully have appeared by the 23rd of this month.

Meanwhile, as the title indicates, I'm now deeply into the creation of my Second Symphony; with its first movement hovering before the words of William Butler Yeats' legendary The Second Coming.


That poem may have a few, important things to contribute with its sense of ominous arrival.

Many believe that Christ is already too late with His Second Coming.

In other words, "Where is he?! Why hasn't He come sooner?!?!"

Faith demands we know, we are certain that He has his reasons… for everything.

Or as Miles Davis, of all, unexpected people, said near the end of his time on Earth, "Life is perfect."

With Marxists in the two most powerful positions on Earth, heads of both Neo-Soviet Russia and an Obama Nation we used to call America?!

And with Communism settled in Red China with cement-like solidity?!

Not to mention the decades of Christian hypocrisy riddling both the Bush family and the Clinton administrations?! Both clans are cheering for a decidedly Marxist New World Order run out by the United Nations.

We pray daily for a Second Coming of some sort!

Or at least the return of either Winston Churchill or Dwight Eisenhower!!

Meanwhile, earlier in the day, an astounding reappearance occurred. A novel I had begun years ago, Glimpses of Eternity, found its way back into my hands.

The details of its return were not as important as the contents of the novel itself.

I'm not sure, from glancing through it, if I want to share the contents… as yet.

I didn't know what to do with it when I first wrote it and I'm not sure what to do with it now!

It is a sizable glimpse of what  and where I was during my drinking days. There are at least two unpublished novels out of that period in my life and, at this point, I don't know if they're really any good.

I certainly thought so as I wrote them but that is no test of time. Now that years have passed, five to ten of them, since these works were completed, my old and increasingly experienced eye can reexamine them and see where they belong in the entire odyssey of my American Pilgrimage.

Despite my exile, I so identify with the meaning of America that her future and mine seem inextricably intertwined despite the fact that I left her almost fifteen years ago.

This time, as I've described in my title as "Between Symphonies", is, I trust, a defining pattern for the rest of my days. For the fifteen years I still hope for on this Earth, I will always be, in some way or other, "Between Symphonies".

The contents of those transitional periods are not much different than the symphonies themselves.

At least I hope so.

Once completed, my entire life's work will, I hope and pray, be distinctly, undeniably me. Influences evident from all corners of the human experiment but something… a proverbial je ne sais qua… that can only be described as "Michael Moriarty". ESR

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby and Deadly Skies. Contact Michael at rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com. He can be found on Twitter at https://twitter.com/@MGMoriarty.





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