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Obama seeks alliance with enemies of freedom

By J.B. Williams
web posted March 23, 2009

In an amazing gesture of gross ignorance, Resident Barack Hussein Obama sent a video message to Iran effectively begging for an ill-fated friendship with one of the most brutal regimes on earth, known for their sponsorship of international terrorism.

Unlike the 66 million useful American idiots who voted for this fool, the Iranian government immediately rebuffed Obama's ill-advised overture, identifying the outreach as nothing more than another carefully crafted, but overtly empty, campaign "slogan."

Obama's overtures 'just a slogan', says Iran's spiritual head – too bad 66 million Americans were not as wise. Less than 48 hours later, Reuters announces "Iran sets terms for US ties."

Just as Obama is the puppet of international secular socialists running Washington DC via the Democratic Socialists of America's Congressional Progressive Caucus, headed by Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Mahmoud Ahmadinijead is the powerless mouthpiece of the Ayatollah who along with his Islamic theocrats, is actually running things in Iran.

The High Price of Populism

Though the notion of making peace with old enemies is indeed popular among many childishly gun-shy Americans today, that very popular misstep will come at a very high price.

You see, the theocratic leaders of Iran do not share anything in common with the American people, any other freedom loving people on the planet, or even many of their own people. They do not play by the same set of rules that your average peacenik subscribes to. Their idea of peace is only possible once the world has agreed to live under the laws of Allah, a view shared by Osama bin Laden, al-Qaida, Hamas, Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad, to name only a few.

For the eight years following the events of 9/11/01, the Bush administration kept the nation safe from further attacks on US soil by keeping evil-doers on the run abroad.

The appeasement policies of the 70's and 90's, which allowed evil regimes to work together by way of bin Laden's al-Qaida, gathering strength, capability and opportunity to strike America at it's very foundation, were replaced by a pro-active engagement in a war that had been waged against free people around the globe for decades.

The Obama administration is rushing to return America to the same policies of appeasement that allowed the events of 9/11/01, and in doing so, they are reducing America to little more than an international beggar, stuck in a reactionary position, leaving the Ayatollah and Imam's of Iran in a position to dictate American policy.

Populism - any of various, often antiestablishment or anti-intellectual political movements or philosophies that offer unorthodox solutions or policies and appeal to the common person rather than according with traditional party or partisan ideologies.

The problem with populism is it isn't based upon anything real. All related facts are ignored in favor of a false and unfounded message more popular than the truth. The simple truth is this; - you cannot make peace with a rattle snake, no matter how frightened of the rattle snake you might be... But some have to be bitten, before they will draw this inescapable conclusion.

Enemies of Freedom Unite

Is Red China a friend of Freedom? How about Hugo Chavez, Kim Jong Il, bin Laden or the Ayatollahs of Iran? Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, al-Qaida, - are any of them friends of freedom?

Yet the Obama administration is seeking friendship, as if the most brutal enemies of freedom on earth can somehow become friends of the United States...

Meanwhile, all of them are coming together to work in concert against the great beacon of freedom and liberty, which is currently under attack from within and weakened to a position where all the world's evil regimes are gaining an upper hand as the new administration welcomes them with open arms.

And team Obama is walking straight into the trap...

Civil Rights for Terrorists

As of today, only 35% strongly approve of the Obama administration while 31% strongly disapprove. I guess the other 34% aren't sure either way. Civil rights for terrorists currently detained at club Gitmo is only part of the problem.

There are both domestic and foreign enemies of freedom. Domestically, the same people who failed at freedom are now expected to run socialism right, when no government on earth has ever succeeded at socialism or communism. Meanwhile, foreign enemies gather to exploit a nation weakened by internal chaos and a growing list of ill-advised missteps in economic and national security decisions.

For more the 200 years, the freest people on earth have fed the parts of the world unable to feed themselves under socialism and communism. Now, some think they can use corrupt career leftists who failed at freedom to succeed at socialism. If it weren't so sad, it would be laughable!

Death by a Thousand Cuts

America is currently dying the death of a thousand cuts. There is no armed coup or military take over of the freest nation ever known. But there are a thousand little cuts that are collectively draining the lifeblood of freedom right out of our nation.

Without economic freedom, the right to earn, accumulate, invest and own, there is NO freedom at all. Yet capitalism, aka economic freedom, is clearly public enemy #1 in America today. At least among the proletariat class responsible for electing these anti-American thugs.

On every possible front, the left is waging war on all things American. The constitution itself is being shredded in the name of a greater communal good. The daily assault on all things American is coming so fast and furious that the average American cannot keep up with all the ways their rights are being infringed, much less gasp a breath and react.

Where will it all End?

One of two ends is certain. Either the people acquiesce, consenting through their silence, apathy and inaction, as they watch the greatest nation on earth slide into third world status under global secular socialism until every last American wakes up in bondage.... or, -

The people get fed up with their nation being sliced and diced into tiny voting blocks ever in search of gifts from the ruling elite just to keep food on the table, and revolt...

The thousand Tea Parties across the nation are cute... But they are ineffective. Nobody in Washington DC is listening. The few who are listening, find themselves completely powerless today.

This won't stop until the people put a stop to it. The left won't let up until they are forced to let up. They won't retreat until forced to retreat. You had better keep those tea bags for when your family needs nourishment.

The current assault on America from within will end one way or another. It will end with the unchallenged victory of those who like nothing about America. Or, it will end when those who still love America and everything it was designed to be, rise up in adequate number with adequate force to stop it.

The left runs unchallenged today. If we don't challenge them in a real way soon, there will be nothing left to save. We don't have until 2010... Thinking that we do is your first mistake!

Americans are surrounded by enemies of freedom today and unless and until they are prepared to put that threat down, it will only get worse. The price of freedom is coming due again! ESR

© 2009, J.B. Williams


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