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"Why stop with global warming?"

By Bruce Walker
web posted March 16, 2009

The heavy artillery of the Left has been wheeled into a line of barrage:  global warming is real; global warming is man-made; and if government does not stop, terrible things will happen.   This means  that we cannot save ourselves unless we are willing to make draconian sacrifices, to surrender our liberties to government, and  to accept blindly the latest version of politically-correct science.

Science guided by ideologues is nothing new to the Left.  Nazis, extreme Leftists, proclaimed racial theories which were taught as science in Germany.  The Soviets insisted that the biological of inherited genetic characteristics, articulated by Lysenko, was "Soviet Science."  Those who taught politically incorrect science were liquidated by Hitler and by Stalin.

 Ben Stein, in his wonderful documentary, Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, exposed how political correctness had stifled scientific inquiry into the theory of evolution by natural selection.  Jeffrey Burton Russell explained in his book, Inventing the Flat Earth, how science and faith were not at war in Medieval Europe and, in fact, how faith created science and how ideologue hostile to faith created a false history of conflict between science and faith.   The Left prostitutes science for political ends.

 Kinsey, the mendacious pervert who "changed" the science of human sexuality through "research" which entailed sex crimes against children, is still a saint of the "scientific" Left.  The Silent Spring of Rachel Carlson, whose bogus research led to banning DDT and also to the death of tens of millions of innocent victims in the poor nations of the world, is still required reading in college classes.  The well documented scientific fraudulence of such "scientists" has no more effect on the Left than the monotonously consistent failure of "scientific Marxism." 

Global warming is just such an ideologically imperative pseudo-science.  If this proposition is true, the central governments must trump provincial or state governments and international organizations must trump national governments.  Central planners must be given absolute power over Industry and private life to save us from a calamity whose real dangers are in the misty future.  Science so commands!

History speaks otherwise.  Earth only a few centuries ago had a mini-ice age, and only the silliest Leftists pretend that man somehow caused this.  Geologists say that the cycles of climate change are natural, and the same geologists, a few decades ago, were warning of a new ice age.  So what if we are entering a new ice age, something which will occur sometime without human interference?  Weather science cannot predict what will happen next week with much accuracy.  If our planet is headed for global cooling, and if we can influence that cooling, then government policies should be directed towards increasing the Greenhouse Effect.  Heavy industry should crank out more smoke; cars should pump out more carbon dioxide; we should all try to warm the globe.

Before we try to play God, though, perhaps we should ponder some humbling facts.  Geology confidently predicts that some day the San Andreas Fault will cause the West Coast to fall into the Pacific Ocean.   Would this heat or cool our planet?  No one knows.  We cannot do anything except for modest and sensible precautions like emergency management and modified building codes in California.

Astronomy predicts that at some point in the next hundred years or so a heavenly body will hit our planet.  In early March 2009 an asteroid the size of a ten story building had a "near miss" with Earth.  The impact would have been equivalent to one thousand nuclear weapons, a virtual nuclear war.  The grim warnings of plate tectonics and plummeting asteroids are not, like global warming, dubious science. 

So what are we doing about it?  Absolutely nothing!  Where is the bold Leftist insisting that Americans abandon the West Coast and Hawaii move to the Great Plains? Why does Obama Administration not urge people in urban areas resettle into rural America, a much safer place when the asteroids begin to fall?  The reason is clear.  Politics, not science and not concern for mankind, guides the hand of Leftist science. The Left knows city dwellers are much easier to enslave than rural folks.  The Left would not dare offend politically safe constituencies in California, Hawaii, Washington, and Oregon just to save their lives.  Global warming - - or, perhaps, in another twenty years, global cooling? - - is not about protecting us.  It is about seizing power, as the Left always seizes power, pretending to protect us all the while all the time enslaving us. ESR

Bruce Walker is the author of two books:  Sinisterism: Secular Religion of the Lie, and his recently published book, The Swastika against the Cross: The Nazi War on Christianity.


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