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The inevitably Marxist zoo VII: The Progressive "Third Way"

By Michael Moriarty
web posted June 29, 2009

The message in President Obama's most recent press conference, the one that began with, at last, a firmer condemnation of Iran's leadership, contained a small glimpse of his larger, more global vision of the Progressive Movement's New World Order.

His comments on Chile and Brazil are faint hints of the hemispheric designs he has. These interests in South America could certainly explain the bizarrely bi-partisan, Bush/Clinton/Obama embrace given to so many illegal aliens from Mexico. That Spanish-speaking corner of the North American half of the entire American hemisphere …  this will all be ultimately absorbed into the second stage of the Progressive New World Order.  The first stage was, of course, the creation of the European Union. The eventual hemispheric American Union melts into the ultimately Eurasian Union and so forth and so on … voila, the New World Order!

What's the problem with that?!

Perhaps a quick-jump review of our President's speedy ascendance into the high-level, White House stratosphere might be in order … to understand more specifically the Progressive Movement's anticipation of a light-speed progress toward the New World Order under President Obama's increasingly Marxist leadership.

The former Senator from Illinois arrived with "Change" as his campaign motto. Little did we know how drastic that "Change" would be. Had we known the Messianic size of his ambitions, Democrats in the Primaries might have voted for Senator Hillary Clinton's milder version of Progress.

Joe the Plumber, on the campaign trail, discovered that this "Change" would involve a considerable effort to "redistribute the wealth". Again, little did we know that it would mean the federal government's major share-holding ownership of the American car, real estate and banking industries, not to mention the Progressive plans for "Cap and Trade" and Universal Healthcare.

Obama's victory in the Presidential election still has the historians in a trance as they wrestle with both the President's ideas of "Change" and the record-breaking charisma of a "first, African-American President".

With the now settled socialism of both the European Union and the United Kingdom breathing down upon the United States from Canada and within America from the Progressive Movement, the "Change" which President Obama promised us is actually the last hundred yard dash to the finish line for what had been an over 100 year evolution of American Progressivism, beginning with Teddy Roosevelt. Both England and America "slept", as President Kennedy might offer us now from the grave. They both slept right through two world wars, utterly unaware of the profound inroads that two determined history-makers, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, plus their Soviet and Red Chinese salesmen, were making.

A slowly but steadily increasing number of critics, having analyzed the Obama administration's forward momentum, claim that his achievement so far is not just classic socialism but is repeatedly and obstinately "un-Constitutional".

The guardian of our Constitution was supposed to be the Supreme Court. Unfortunately the enlightened but unelected "despots" of that oversight-committee have raped the Constitution not only often but quite unapologetically.

The Dred Scott, Buck v Bell and Roe v Wade decisions are such assaults upon the human rights passage of the Declaration of Independence. In America it used to be: "Three strikes and you're out!" It is the human rights paragraph of the Declaration of Independence that even a Progressively Catholic, contradiction-in-terms such as Gary Wills proclaimed as the building block to end slavery. It was with our Founding Fathers' definition of human equality, so simply but powerfully echoed in the Gettysburg Address, that Lincoln galvanized the American North to win the Civil War.

Dred Scott v. Sanford, 1857, legalized slavery. Buck v. Bell, 1927, legalized the Government's right to sterilize its citizens and, of course, Roe v. Wade, 1973, legalized abortion. The United States Supreme Court wrote all three of these "enlightened" decisions.

A feminist's claim to sole ownership of the gestating infant within her own body … has no more validity than the Confederate South's claims of sole ownership over African slaves … yet the Supreme Court declared that both examples of flagrant criminality are acceptably legal … and Constitutional!!

With the Supreme Court legalizing what amounts to both slavery and cold-blooded murder, where indeed is the America of one of the world's greatest abortion apologists, President Barack Obama, going? Are we in "Change" or are we in some kind of veiled, Marxist revolution that would necessitate not only the "cool" salesmanship of a Barack Obama but an increasingly colder and colder delivery system (see The inevitably Marxist zoo V)?

South America's flirtation and occasional love affair with Communism has ended, in many ways, not unlike France's love affair with the same tyranny. The enlightened despots of two continents, Eurasia and South America, their intellectuals, literati and opinion-makers … their Jean Paul Sartres … hailed the Soviet Union and Red China.

What has President Obama's incredible popularity in both those continents have to do with these enlightened know-it-alls and dictators such as Hugo Chavez?

The question is, what, in the Progressive Movement's big game plan, made it so difficult for President Obama to immediately condemn the Iranian, well-known, historically recorded tyrant, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad?

The answer is quite simple really: the Progressive Plans for the New World Order.

If the Progressives have the whole world on their side, including the totalitarian despots of China, neo-Soviet Russia, North Korea and Islamic dictatorships, if these thugs feel Obama is someone they can work with, what then will these totalitarians not be allowed to do … with their own people … or to the entire human race?

One might object, however. Hasn't Obama unquestionably condemned Ahmadinejad for that dictator's brutal treatment of Iranians?

He was eventually obliged to. If he didn't take a momentarily, albeit late but strong stand against tyranny, his beloved "Cap and Trade" and Healthcare bills might never pass the House, let alone the Senate. Expedience obliged him to break his stride in the Obama-open-arms foreign policy to protect his debt-filled, domestic quest for unassailable power.

I guarantee you, his strong stand against Iranian crackdowns on protestors will come to haunt him when he himself finds it "an unfortunate obligation" to crack down on "Tea Party" protestors.

Ultimately and inevitably the problem for Obama, the Progressives and their possible associates is democracy. It is an inevitable inconvenience, rather like some pregnancies.

Democracy is slow and often sloppy … but, as that system eventually demands, all the convenient lies created to avoid the inconveniences do face repeated questioning … and the answers become increasingly and inconveniently unconvincing.  

The ultimate dreams of Progressivism have nothing to do with democracy. Progressives are intellectual supremacists … and supremacism of any kind, racial or otherwise, leads to tyranny. If Americans couldn't stand slavery after 89 years of it, they eventually won't stand legalized abortion either. Without Roe v Wade, the Progressives are then,much to their dismay, a "Third Way" (Bill Clinton's description) that no longer has their version of a Final Solution. The Roe v Wade decision is a diving board off of which the Progressives will be catapulting their final solutions to everything, "offers which no one can refuse".

This sort of "Third Anything" seems to frequently end in at least some attempt at totalitarianism.

If the Germans, under the Third Reich, could tacitly accept genocide, then where is America inevitably headed, under a Progressive Third Way that has brazenly legalized infanticide … or, as the Progressives prefer to euphemize euthanasia and eugenics, a simple medical procedure involving a woman and a zygot? ESR

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby and Deadly Skies. Contact Michael at rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com.


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