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We all want the same thing?!

By Michael Moriarty
web posted March 8, 2010

No, we don't.

Oh, the "Washington Game" was played big time during the recent Health Care Summit at Blair House and thanks to the "Divine Inertia of Democracy", we Americans safely watched the Progressive Democrats and their infinitely Marxist plans for the control of the entire human race face a purely American stone wall.

We watched the Progressives either lie cold bloodedly to us about the long term purpose of their government control of healthcare or we heard their thinly informed puppets mouth off the tired, transparently platitudinous manipulations of their hellish good intentions to save the human race from itself.

What once was a reasonably diverse, two-party system of left-wing, American Democrats and right-wing, American Republicans is now a growing, Tea Party constituency of true Americans and the virtual, New World Order shock troops of a eugenics-obsessed, Marxist-Leninist International Coalition that labels itself as the Progressive Democrats of America.

The Obama Nation wants the United States a docile, shrinking corner of the United Nations' Marxist-Leninist, New World Order!

"It's not a government take-over," says the President at the Health Care Summit..

"You lie!"

Your plans for the entire human race which you so cleverly charmed for ten minutes during your Presidential campaign, include a Progressive shrinking of the Earth's population to a level some people advise us should be one-half of not even what we are now, which is over six billion.

The Radicals want a human race of one-half a billion!

Relative to the American Center, you, Mr. President, are a Machiavellian Marxist Radical.

500 million!!

That's the Radically Progressive target!!!

If you keep this up, young man … and relative to me you are a very young man, sir … you will get a radical leap to a lower population on the earth by dint of a foreign policy that absolutely encourages and will inspire a Third World War.

As it is, your support for an unharnessed, unmitigated, murderously state-supported abortion program has about as much appeal to Americans as the slave-holding South did.

And Time Magazine sold you as our new Lincoln?!

God save us!!

There's a scene in the television mini-series, Holocaust, wherein the Wannsee Conference in Germany, headed by the S.S. leader Reinhard Heydrich has leaders of the Third Reich sitting calmly to debate the destruction of the entire Jewish population of Europe.

That nightmare, which the world incorrectly assumed was the lone insanity of Adolf Hitler and his minions, is now the underlying … and I stress "lying" … underbelly of the entire World Progressive Movement.

The "Population Problem" scam is now an acceptably open topic for discussion, rather like the Global Warming Scam is.

There is no corner of even the record-breaking population of China that has any greater human density within it than, say, the Island of Manhattan. Over ten million people per day scurry through that fifty square mile island and most of that ten million live there or in the nearby, adjacent boroughs.

What I consider the greatest city in the World is a problem?!

Has a problem aside from its Progressive self-loathing?!

China has a population problem?!

There's not enough food or land?!

They can only have one or two babies per family?

The rest must be aborted before term?!

Or even at birth?!

Hmmm …

Years ago when Mao Zedong was selling almost all the rice in China to the Soviet Union for weapons, the Chinese were inevitably and obviously starving. 25 million Chinese starved to death!

Now that same nation has more than enough food because of an increasingly Capitalist prosperity, but its workers are paid by the government at what we would still call slave wages. The lion's share of the profits go into a national security program, the objective of which, exactly the same as Mao's vision for China, is obviously to intimidate the rest of the world.

Its only formidable opposition is America!

However, now that President Barack Obama is seeing to it that the United States not only joins in on the New World Order's socialized medicine program but that, because of the massive debt this health program will create, must this free nation be so beholden to China that China will eventually only settle for American land in repayment?!

America is definitely waking up and the Republicans for the most part, and the Tea Partiers for the greater part, are determined to stop Obama and the New World Order's "transformation" of America into the Obama Nation, a very Communist corner of the Progressive World's game plan for the New World Order.

World Communism fed to us as "Progressive".

Do you understand?!

If not, we might all be dead in the water!

Or flat on our backs staring up at the new Health Care System's "Death Panels". ESR

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby and Deadly Skies. Contact Michael at rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com.







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