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January 2021

They just don’t get it: Republicans in Washington, D.C. are talking as if the Biden administration and Democrat control of Congress is just another revolution of the carousel but Dr. Robert Owens believes 2021 inaugurated something far darker in American history
Looking at the structural problems of Canadian conservatism at the dawn of 2021 (Part Three): Mark Wegierski looks at the media and the academy
Biden and Harris: The great uniters?: Mark Alexander argues that if Joe Biden and Kamala Harris had any genuine interest in unity, that would require...
So what is Q, and what is the danger?: Q, and his followers in QAnon, have been the source of much debate in recent months Rachel Alexander believes that much ado was made about relatively little and the movement won't survive
Sensible, sustainable nuclear power for Africa: A host of economic, environmental and practical reasons make nuclear Africa’s best option, argue Dr. Kelvin Kemm and Knox Msebenzi
Rare earths first? Or last?: Duggan Flanakin says that US President Joe Biden’s Green New Deal won’t work without mining, especially for rare earth elements
Americans supposedly just voted for only electric vehicles: The Big Switch will cost trillions and massively change America – not for the better, writes Duggan Flanakin
Looking at the structural problems of Canadian conservatism at the dawn of 2021 (Part Two): Mark Wegierski continues to note the lack of an infrastructure or “eco-system” for conservatives
The building block of life - carbon: An all-out war on carbon is coming, says Robert T. Smith, in complete ignorance of all of the benefits that the naturally occurring element brings humanity
Job’s lament: Dr. Robert Owens says you can expect a lot of changes in the coming years courtesy of the Democrats' control of the White House and Congress but he says you can probably also expect a new awakening of spirit
The spirit of lawlessness: These days America is a greatly united nation, the only problem is that it's hate, death and destruction that are the commonalities. D. Paul Thomas says there is a cure for the disease that the United States is afflicted with
The fog of Marxist culture war: Greg Strange isn't going to be polite: It's a virtual war between the left and right in the United States and the odds are long for a conservative cultural and political victory
Murray Rothbard quotes on libertarianism, economics, and freedom: Given the path the world seems to be taking these days, a little reminder of renowned Austrian school economist and libertarian Murray Rothbard might be in order, writes Alex Horsman
Our presidential election wasn’t too different from third world Uganda’s: Last week Uganda held a presidential election and Rachel Alexander argues that the similarities between what happened there and what's going on the United States today are too close to be ignored
The systemic redlining of 1st and 2nd Amendment rights: The Democrats' support for Leftmedia and Big Tech suppression of free speech is their key strategy for establishing a permanent majority, says Mark Alexander
Green New Deal ideologies, fantasies and realities: Paul Driessen argues that your life, living standards, country and planet will take a big hit under the Green New Deal
Reaping the whirlwind: Given what the country has gone through over the past four years, says Greg Strange, he's not going to be overly upset at the protest at the Capitol last week. What worries him is what lies ahead
Did Trump incite insurrection?: Democrats are calling for Trump to be removed from office via impeachment for inciting insurrection but Rachel Alexander says the facts clearly prove that claim wrong
Looking at the structural problems of Canadian conservatism at the dawn of 2021 (Part One): A conservative infrastructure in Canada is definitely lacking, says Mark Wegierski
Advice to Joe Biden: All the way from Norway J.K. Baltzersen offers some advice to the next president of the United States, Joe Biden, that he "hopes" the Democrat will take
The watchmen warned us: Dr. Robert Owens says that Americans have had plenty of warnings about the direction their country was going over the past few decades but were too entranced by bread and circuses to choose to take notice
The great crap-weasel migration: With Joe Biden entering the White House and Democrats essentially controlling Congress, writes Robert T. Smith, the swamp is being refilled with the usual suspects
The vanishing Robert E. Lee: The ongoing removal of statues Confederate general Robert E. Lee -- not to mention his name from buildings and institutions -- is ignoring a tremendous opportunity for Americans to truly move past historical issues, writes D. Paul Thomas
The left's bulk-ballot fraud strategy works: Mark Alexander argues that the Democrats' real election fraud strategy is paying rich dividends
Is J Street misrepresenting its real mission?: The Congressional lobbying organization calling itself “J Street” declares that it's mission is to promote Israel's interests and peace. Amb. Alan Baker says even a close look at it's recommendations and actions show it's another group promoting Palestinian -- and even Iranian -- interests
The left falsely claims most people won’t notice a difference under Biden: The political left has claimed that the average person waking up under a Biden administration will notice no changes to their lives but Rachel Alexander doesn't quite believe that
In celebration of eighteen years at Enter Stage Right -- Bionote of Mark Wegierski: Mark Wegierski presents a fairly extensive “biogram”
A new you for a new year: It's a new year, writes Dr. Robert Owens, and if your answers for the past year worked about as well as they did in previous years, perhaps it's time to start asking different questions
Media cheered when Reagan was shot: If you think derangement syndrome against a Republican president is a new thing, says Thomas M. Sipos, never forgot that there were journalists who cheered when Ronald Reagan was shot in 1981
President Trump, please pardon Jon Woods, a victim of process crimes like Michael Flynn: US President Donald Trump did justice for former congressman Steve Stockman and now Rachel Alexander would like to see him do the same for former Arkansas state legislator Jon Woods
Egypt reveals the financial terrorist ties between the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas: The recent arrest of the man responsible for a series of terrorist attacks in Egypt by the Muslim Brotherhood has unveiled the world of how some terrorist groups are being financed, reports Yoni Ben Menachem
China recolonizes Africa: Western policies are damaging Africa and the planet, killing millions, and open doors to China, argues Duggan Flanakin
New York can't buy its way out of coming blackouts: David Wojick reacts to NYC’s plan to have a battery backup system in case of failure of “renewable” energy, which even if it worked, he says, its astronomical costs put the idea in Fantasyland

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